When I talk to businesses and individuals about social media, I often hear something along the lines of:

“I see the value of social media to my business, but I just don’t have the time!”


“Social media? I wouldn’t know where to start.”

If either of these sounds familiar, I can help. I’ve assisted clients with identifying the best social media outlets for them, connecting with their audiences, and growing their customer base.


“Ashley helped bring our  business into the 21st century. She guided us through the complications of Facebook, e-newsletters, website upgrades, and promotional videos. She listened to our ideas and tweaked them to make them better. She’s smart, professional, and easy to work with. I wish we had used her consulting services years ago!”


Services include:

Online brand audits: Learn who is talking about your brand online and what they’re saying.

Social media plans: Develop a strategy.

Social media account set up: Build an online presence that reflects your brand’s story.

Community management: Grow and connect with your audience.

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads: Reach your market with targeted campaigns.

Please contact me for further information. I’m glad to meet with you for a free, 15-minute phone consultation to discuss how I can help.